International Seezan Inspection Co

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision: To be the most respected technical advisor and trusted partner for all of our clients.
We will be the most respected technical advisor and trusted partner for all of our clients. Our vision will help us all contribute
to our journey and involves the aspirations of everyone who works as part of the ISI. We will achieve our vision by being
high class in everything we do, in every aspect of every project.
The depth of our heritage, together with a unique combination of expertise, focus and understanding, will give us the
opportunity to build on our position as leaders in our industry.
We will deliver on our vision by using our diverse experience, our vast network and our comprehensive service offering. We
will retain the respect and trust of our partners, provide unrivalled expertise across the globe and realise success through the
creativity, drive and ambition of our exceptional people.

Our mission is to promote the value of learning and use all of our resources in updating inspection techniques.
By using creative new approaches, delivering on a vast range of expertise and building on our network, we will improve on
our trusted ways of working and increase our problem-solving ability to provide genuinely innovative solutions for our
To be a profitable provider of high quality services on our customers and create a company that can attract, recruit and retain
smart and talented employees to uplift their standard of living.
ISI is committed to achieved VISION and MISSION so that we will have our factual approach to decision making.

· Support for doing the right thing
· Keep promises even if it takes extra effort
· Won’t turn our backs towards something wrong or unsafe.
· Take responsibility and be accountable for all our words and deeds.

· Keep raising the bar
· Go the extra mile to deliver the best
· Be self-motivated
· Strive to innovate and create

· Committed to ensure safety for everyone.
· Encourage employees to achieve their maximum potential
· Work towards exceeding customer expectations
· Appreciate the skills and abilities of others
· Extra care for actions that affect the community we live in


· We are one
· Listen to and learn from each other
· Work with enthusiasm and appreciation
· Combine our expertise and knowledge