International Seezan Inspection Co
Quality Policy
· Realizing the services for customers pursuant to TS EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012 Standards,
· Giving the results of the examinations rightly and reliably in a short time by conducting them with                
methods and equipment of which accuracy is testified,
· Ensuring complete customer satisfaction,
· Applying the principles of objectivity, equality, independency and privacy of customer information       
in the presented services,
· Following the educational and scientific developments and putting them into practice in order to     
increase the quality of supervision and personnel,
· Ensuring the continuity in quality by learning and applying our Quality Managing System by our  
employees and by eliminating the insufficiencies, In light of these principles, we undertake that we  
satisfy our customer pursuant to their expectations and needs and present our services within the scope  
of contract conditions, specifications and company rules.