International Seezan Inspection Co
ISI training services can vary from testing compliance to product inspection as well as factory audit.
ISI knows the business challenges of our valuable clients to understand all the essential safety knowledge on the complicated quality and compliance
regulations and requirements to ensure the product safety. Therefore, as the quality partner of our clients, we provide training services in additional to
general  testing, inspection and factory audit services.  We  truly believe  that  the   more you  know  and understand, the more advantages and       
competitiveness you have in the market.
ISI Solutions
ISI provides different kinds of training services to our clients depends on their special needs and expectation. The training can vary from testing
compliance to product inspection as well as factory audit. The product ranges of the training can also vary from toys, food contact materials, premiums,
hardgoods, junvenile products, etc. depends on client's product categories and focus areas. Our training can be delivered by different means including in
person training in our laboratories as well as in client's offices. Demonstration of test and procedures can also be included per clients requirements.
Training topics and details will be tailor-made and adjusted per discussions with clients so to increase the effectiveness of training to suit clients needs         
and target audiences.

From our training division we offer different training solutions for a wide range of industries. Design, development, and implementation of training
plans are developed in close collaboration with our clients as well.
We combine the use of intensive technology with the support of an extensive network of experts to offer a high quality content in a way that has a    
positive  and rapid impact on the results of our clients business.
The range of training services we offer and their commitment to quality brings a clear added value to the businesses of our customers, improving    
business competitiveness and directly affecting their income statement.
From one side, we offer different training solutions and contents related with the Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) Industry. We offer from
advanced and conventional NDT training courses to certification auditors training.
From the other side, we also offer a wide range of Manpower training courses.
Key Benefits
· Enhance client's quality staff's technical knowledge and skills
· Reduce unnecessary communications and misunderstanding
· Improve the work efficiency
· Provide more information to address quality problems with solutions
· Reduce possible product recalls with better knowledge
If you are interest to know more about how ISI can offer you help and assistance to increase our competitiveness in the market by our trainings, please  
feel  free to contact with our representatives and we are more than happy to discuss with you in details.